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Ready to ditch the Overwhelm?

Want to feel Spacious in your life?


Your 5 Day Mini Retreat awaits

Your 5 DAY MINI Retreat awaits

It's time to get a little playful again​

YOU are ready to treat yourself right.


Spend 5 days with me on your very own virtual MINI Retreat.  

You will learn, you will grow, you will dance and you will feel refreshed...

Because you deserve to feel joyful in your life.


What you will get out of this retreat:

  • 5 MINI lessons to help you infuse some fun, feel good energy into your life

  • Actionable steps to make self-care a part of your day and not just another thing to check off your to do list


What you need for your retreat….

  • 30 minutes/day for the next 5 days (give your kids a quick activity to do or lock yourself in the bathroom if you have to)

  • Find yourself some floor space at home (bathroom or closet is just fine)

  • It's virtual - connect with me online!


Ready to join the 5 Day MINI Retreat?? 


Your Host

Wendy Ng is a Dance and Movement Coach who guides women to live consciously and confidently using mindful movement and dance through her signature program, Moving into Joy. 


Passionate about movement, Wendy holds a BSc in Kinesiology and has trained in various forms of dance, Muay Thai kickboxing, and yoga. Wendy uses her experience in movement and a combination of mental and physical strategies to help her clients shift their thinking, reconnect with their intuition, and build their confidence. 


Prior to starting her business, Wendy worked 10+ years as an occupational therapist, helping clients adapt to change and live independently doing the things most important to them. In her free time, you can find Wendy hanging out with her 3 kids and husband playing board games, having family paint nights, or being a chef at home. 

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