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Meet Wendy


Wendy Ng,
Dance & Movement Coach

I guide women to live consciously and confidently using mindful movement and dance.

Hi I’m Wendy... momma bear to 3 kiddos, a wifey, a dancer, a dance teacher, yoga lover, occupational therapist and Dance & Movement Coach, creator of Moving into Joy, my signature framework for conscious living

I’m a prairie girl with a passion for movement. I believe the body was designed for movement and designed to create. 


I grew up as a very shy middle child.  I was was always afraid to put my hand up in class or talk in front of others but resourceful with using my sisters and people close to me to speak for me.  In my mid 30’s as a working mom of 2, I was striving to create a bigger life for my family.  But I hit a point where I was struggling with the overwhelm of adulting.  I found myself unhappy with my outwardly successful life (mom, wife, house, home, career). I started looking for ways to feel better.  That’s when I joined a women’s life coaching group.

Having a mentor who breathed belief into me and shared new tools and strategies to shift my mindset completely changed the way I was showing up in my life at home with my husband and children and at work.  My coach also encouraged me to go back to doing something for myself… so I started dancing again.  


That’s when I reconected to myself.  I discovered I actually had all the answers I was looking for inside of me.  That I had the power within me to create the life I most desired.  When I reconnected to dance, which had always been the part of me that was most confident, that was when I started to feel amazing in my life.


The reason I do the work I do today is that I believe that each and everyone of us deserves to feel confident.   I believe the most powerful way I can create change in the world is by showing others how to tap into their most powerful confident self by connecting inward through movement and mindset, to live consciously. 


One of the greatest challenges in life is to keep challenging yourself to grow while keeping true to yourself.  Can you remember a time when you were younger and carefree and how simply dancing wildly in your pyjamas at any time of day was just exhilarating fun?  Let’s connect back with that girl... the one who didn’t care what she looked like, what other people thought of her. That sweet girl who played full out and laughed loudly and acted spontaneously, trusting in her heart and gut instincts to lead her. Who danced in her quirky own way and loved every second of it. 


I am here to help you reconnect with that inner girl that may have been lost in the busy of everyday life and grown up responsibilities and obligations. I invite you to come dance and grow your mind with me and connect back with that gorgeous girl inside of you who is ready to shine. 


Because I believe you can SHINE. 

Lots of love to you,


Wendy's Bio

Wendy Ng is a Dance and Movement Coach who guides women to live consciously and confidently using mindful movement and dance through her signature program, Moving into Joy. 


Passionate about movement, Wendy holds a BSc in Kinesiology and has trained in various forms of dance, Muay Thai kickboxing, and yoga. Wendy uses her experience in movement and a combination of mental and physical strategies to help her clients shift their thinking, reconnect with their intuition, and build their confidence. 


Prior to starting her business, Wendy worked 10+ years as an occupational therapist, helping clients adapt to change and live independently doing the things most important to them. In her free time, you can find Wendy hanging out with her 3 kids and husband playing board games, having family paint nights, or being a chef at home. 

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