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Guide for Asian Women to Thrive:

Embrace your roots, Flourish in the present

Do you feel that niggling unease when you try to appease your family and do what it is right? Do you ever wish you could just drop the eternal expectations you feel from your family and live according to what feels right to you instead? See how coaching can help you gain clarity and take action. 

Hello my friend... I'm so glad you've landed here.

Let's be honest, adulting is hard work.  You grew up dreaming of the things you would do and who you would become. You've followed the path, checked off all the "right" things and now you find yourself juggling career, life as a partner, being a new momma and you find yourself wondering, why does something feel off?

You have a good life, people would say you've made it!  But you, my friend, feel stuck on a path, with lots of responsibilities to uphold. You are trying so hard to fit into what is expected of you and feel stuck between what other people want and what you want. You find yourself saying "I'm so busy", "I'm just trying to get through the day", "how am I going to keep this all up?", "how do I make sure everyone is happy?", "how do I feel happy?"


Even though to everyone else, you seem to have a wonderful life, you are craving more.  You want to believe that there is more to life than "doing all the right things".   You want to carve out YOUR own path.  

Let me tell you that it is POSSIBLE.  I've been where you are and found a way to integrate both cultures in a way that feels soul aligned. I know you can too.  

It's not so much that you have to do things differently, but you have to THINK about them differently. Let me help you find your voice and start living aligned with your own beliefs and expectations.  


About Me

Hi I’m Wendy Ng, mom of 3, a wife, a dancer, yoga lover, and occupational therapist. I'm passionate about living life on your own terms. As a second generation Chinese Canadian, I know first hand the unique experience of growing up straddling two cultures. I am continuously growing more into who I am and enjoy sharing my growth journey to support you. Let me help you reconnect with your intuition and courageously live for yourself. 

Let yourself


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